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My WordPress – Personal Blog WordPress Theme

My WordPress - Personal Blog WordPress Theme


My WordPress is a professional WordPress theme with the intent and focus on creating a community site. It is widget ready, print ready, page-navi ready, ad optimization ready, SEO friendly, smooth tabbing and dropdown using jquery, breadcumb integrated and many more!

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Update (22 May 2015) Version 3.8

  • Update to compatible to WP 4.2.2
  • modfied tab.php, theme-functions.php using get_comments()
  • fix php notices caused by comments.php and related.php

Update (9 March 2013) Version 3.7

  • Update to compatible to WP 3.5
  • remove twitter widget due to the new twitter API changes, now you can set the twitter stream by following the guideline on twitter official website.
  • Clean up the codes and improve the theme option page to make it more stable.
  • Get rid of timthumb script and fully utilize WP media functionality.

Update (15 March 2011) Version 3.6

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php, functions.php, update_notifier.php

  • WordPress 3.1 compatible.
  • Theme update notification improved.

Update (6 Jan 2010 ) Version 3.5

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php, admin_functions.php, theme_options.php, functions.php

  • add a new file – update_notifier.php
  • Theme update notification improved.

Update (24 November 2010 ) Version 3.23

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php

  • Theme option bug fixed.

Update (7 November 2010 ) – Version 3.24

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php, tt_admin.js, admin_function.php, sidebar.php, header.php, core/style.css

  • Fix the title attribute for the logo link
  • Fix the theme option layout in IE, improve the compatibility and adjust some CSS.
  • Fix the wrong php tag in sidebar.php

Update ( 11 August 2010 ) – Version 3.23

Files modified: admin_layout.php

  • Fixed post updates issue.

Update ( 10 August 2010 ) – Version 3.22

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php

  • Fixed WordPress Editor conflicts.

Update ( 4 August 2010 ) – Version 3.21

Files modified: index.php, theme_functions.php, all css files, archive.php, search.php, tab.php, bottom.php, theme_options.php, related.php, sidebar.php, theme_widget_area.php

  • Improve documentation about the theme update instruction.
  • When you uncheck the post thubmnail, all thumbails will be disabled.
  • Added one new widget area above the popular and recent comment tabs box.
  • Added a notificaiton box in dashboard to display the current version of the theme and you will get notified when there is a new version available.
  • Exclude user link feeds from recent comments.

Update ( 28 July 2010 ) – Version 3.2

Files modified: admin_functions.php, style.css, admin_layout.php

  • Added the function to auto check for theme updates.

Update ( 27 July 2010 ) – Version 3.1

  • Improved exceprt – now it will disabled all formatting and exclude image from excerpt.
  • You can also set the length of the excerpt.
  • WordPress MU compatible.

Massive Updates ( 26 July 2010 )

  • New Framework added
  • Localization!
  • Added 2 new Nav Menu
  • Custom widgets for Twitter and Flickr.
  • Refined overall design and typography, re-structure files, restyle some elements.
  • Improved SEO, now H1 only appear on front page or home. H1 will be the article title in single post page.
  • Fix Jquery implementation so it will not conflict with plugins.
  • You can choose how the related posts work, either based on tags or categories.
  • Improved user link feeds. Now it is using custom comment which is more stable and flexible.
  • Improved images management.


  • 6 Colors
  • Feedburner Integration
  • Powerful Theme Options
  • User Link Feed Ready
  • Able to switch sidebar position by a single click
  • Auto image resizing
  • Flickr Showcase
  • Wp-navi and breadcrumb integrated
  • Ad Management System
  • Social Linking (Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.)
  • Modern footer display
  • Smooth tabbing system
  • SuperFish for dropdown menu ( Both pages and Categories )
  • Unique author and search result page
  • Unique threaded comment styling
  • 2 Column Tabless (CSS Layout)
  • Sidebar Widget Ready
  • Gravatar ready
  • Valid CSS and XHTML
  • Browser compatibility: All Major Browsers
  • Related Posts
  • Popular Posts
  • SEO Friendly
  • Many more!
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